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Underground Crafter

by theneedleworkpages.com on 07/23/2012 - 12:50 pm
Categories: .United States, hand embroidery, knitting, quilting

Needlecrafts, handmade creativity, and other good stuff
Marie Segares, Proprietress of the Underground Crafter, has been crocheting for over 27 years.  She learned to crochet during summers spent with her maternal grandmother.  Marie is also a knitter, quilter, embroiderer, and soapmaker.
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The Golden Hoop

by theneedleworkpages.com on 07/17/2012 - 12:01 pm
Categories: .United States, cross-stitch


Welcome to my blog. My name is Jodi, I am a cross stitch designer. This blog will be mostly about my business, but will include my daily life as well as one usually is interupted by the other...
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Galina Carroll Designs

by theneedleworkpages.com on 07/10/2012 - 10:48 am
Categories: .United States, knitting

 Who Am I?  Galina Carroll
A  freelance knitwear and sweater designer.
Outgoing and sociable.
Love reading and theater, nature and travel.
Best creative time - night.
  Also available for any freelance knitted project or just consultation.
  About My Blog?   In summary, my blog is about everything  I find  interesting in my life, occasionally.

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French Press Knits

by theneedleworkpages.com on 07/10/2012 - 09:46 am
Categories: .United States, knitting

Growing up, Melynda Bernardi never found a wardrobe problem that could not be solved with some fabric, a needle, and thread.  This early proficiency eventually led to teaching herself knitting in college, as a way to keep her ever-creating hands busy.  A few years later, when the day to day stresses of a job pressed in, her creative needs burst forth onto the internet as French Press Knits.
Now, Melynda takes great pleasure in sharing her love of knitting with others.  Whether teaching or designing, learning new techniques or writing about her crafting exploits, she has enjoyed finding her place in the knitting community. Her love of efficiency is reflected in her pat ...

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Nuts about Needlepoint - Janet M. Perry

by theneedleworkpages.com on 06/03/2011 - 09:12 am
Categories: .United States, needlepoint

Janet Perry is passionate about needlepoint. In Nuts about Needlepoint, which grew out of this passion, you’ll learn about her current projects, and get great new ideas about needlepoint. It’s also a source for the information and products she discovers.
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